My experience as an educator and mentor of undergraduate, high school, and middle school students has revealed that biomechanics is an effective means of engaging a wide range of audiences in Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM). I've had such a great time teaching and mentoring K-12 and undergraduate students during my studies. I'm excited to continue to build and contribute to STEAM education and outreach activities. 

As fellow of a NSF-USC funded program, I worked with teachers to enrich the STEAM curriculum in a middle school comprised of 100% economically disadvantaged students (Los Angeles Unified School District Report, 2011/12). My teaching incorporated a guided experiential learning approach through each of the major phases of learning: exposure, experience, expertise, and embedding, as defined by Farkas et al. (2003). Above, you will find examples of middle school student work through open-ended design challenges, and hands-on labs. (For more information about this fellowship program, click here)


Lineage Performing Arts Center is founded on the idea that dance is medicine, and the video below provides personal testimony from a participant of their outreach class for people who have been affected by Stroke or Parkinson's Disease. I have had the great opportunity to volunteer at Lineage as a dancer and teacher, and the honor to participate in the "inspired movement" class.



As part of USC's 2012 Science Film Competition, I co-directed this film and use it during STEAM outreach events as a primer for biomechanics/ physics lessons. 

BALLET-OLOGY: Physics of Ballet

Scriptwriter and science consultant for Super Deluxe